13 October 2014 – WELCOME DAY

15:00               Opening of registration desk at Euro Space Center

16:00               Shuttle 1 for the visit of ESA REDU (in French)

17:00               Shuttle 2 for the visit of ESA REDU (in English)

18:00               Opening of the technologies demo booths and Space exhibition


Coming from Belgium and all of Europe, a substantial number of indoor or outdoor "hands-on demonstrations" will give more detailed insight to potential customers or end-users.


An exhibition showcasing the Galileo and Copernicus programmes will take place during the 2-day event.

19:30               Welcome address of the partners and local authorities

20:00               Networking dinner


14 October 2014 – INDUSTRY DAY

  9:00               Welcome address of the Space authorities

  9:10               Introductory message by Mr. Carlo Des Dorides, Executive Director of the GNSS Agency (GSA) -

  9:20               Round table #1: "Galileo & Copernicus: State of the art"

Galileo and Copernicus are the flagship programmes of the European Commission, the readiness and availability of these two major programmes is of the utmost importance and considered as the platform where to build upon the “knowledge society”. High level representatives of EC and ESA will provide the status of both programmes and will explain in down-to-earth terms which services are available addressing all the practical information’s about Galileo and Copernicus constellations.: “when the systems will be finalized?”, “as from when the signals and data will be available?”, “What about the accuracy?”, “What can be done with Galileo which cannot be done with GPS?”, “Who are the users of Galileo and Copernicus? Is it only for a civilians use?”…

Javier Benedicto, Galileo Project Manager (ESA) - Mauro Facchini, Head of Copernicus Service Unit (EC) - Simon Jutz, Head of Copernicus Space Office (ESA) - Paul Flament, Galileo Programme Manager (EC).

10:40              Coffee break

11:15               Round table #2: "Galileo & Copernicus: Boosting Business and Innovation"

This round table will give the floor to end-users’ needs and will show how space applications and services empower the public administrations and businesses to improve their services to citizens and customers respectively. High level representative of ESA and GSA will explain how space applications project can be funded with the available funds. European satellite infrastructures, such as Galileo and Copernicus, offer a cluster of geospatial information expected to improve processes in business « day-to-day life » and boosting the creation of jobs in Europe.

Keynote speakers part 1: Amnon Ginati, IAP Programme (ESA) - Gian Gherardo Calini, Head of Market development GSA - Roya Ayazi, Secretary General of NEREUS

Speakers (End Users) part 2: to be confirmed - Stay tuned

   Both roundtables are moderated by Cathy Smith.

12:45              Lunch

14:00              Parallel workshops

Workshop #1:  Users from the Industries

This workshop will provide a place for industrial actors from Logistics, Green Energy Biotechnology, Mechanics, Agro-industry … to express and elaborate their needs. With this information, the service providers will (1) propose solutions and (2) challenge the way business is done today. The workshop will be moderated by a representative of the ESA ARTES Applications programme.

Moderated by Stefan Gustafsson (Feasibility Studies Manager Integrated, ESA) and Nicolas Helssen (IAP Belgian Ambassador, ESA).

Workshop #2:  Users from Local and Regional Authorities

The Copernicus & Galileo programmes produces useful data for territorial management and a wide array of public policies. These programmes contribute to better informed decision-making, more precise deployment of resources and thus more efficient public spending. During this workshop contacts between Local Regional Authorities and services providers will be fostered. This workshop will be moderated with the support of NEREUS (Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies). In French & English.

Moderated by Vincent Callay (Spiral, University of Liège)

Workshop #3:  From Space to Earth: imagine new and innovative business opportunities

This interactive working session, aimed at service providers and entrepreneurs, will stimulate your ability to generate new possibilities or new alternatives, to view things in new ways or from a different perspective, in other words, by creativity. This workshop is organized by ID Campus and ESA BIC Redu. As the number of seats is limited, registration is mandatory.

Workshop #4: Space Mentors: Kick-off meeting (by invitation only)

How to face the lack of employees in the Space sector? The 48-58 age range represents 35 % of all employment in Europe! A situation with potential impact in the coming decade in terms of competences preservation in industry. How to interest young people to the space studies and careers?  12.500 (min) qualified STEM will be essential in the next 10 years not including the blow up of applications and new jobs. If we don’t want to be back to the wall by shortage of brains, we have to move! Lot of initiatives have been and are already taken with success, but it is urgent to better organize interaction between industries and universities. Our 1st action, set up today a network of Space Mentors! We are all involved!

Moderated by Dominique Tilmans.

16:30               Farewell drink


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