Message of Chairmen

Wallonie Espace is proud to announce the organization of the fifth edition of their SPACE DAYS to be held in Transinne (Redu), Belgium, on 13-14 October 2014.

Every actor involved in the Space business, whether from agencies, industry, universities, or governmental institutions, is warmly invited to participate in and actively contribute to the not-to-be-missed biennial event for the Space community.

Under the theme ‘Space Value on Earth’, SPACE DAYS 2014 will focus on a very topical issue: “Galileo & Copernicus: Boosting Business and Innovation”.

Both specialists and particularly end-users, who are not necessarily well informed about the benefits of space technologies in their specific field, will get their money’s worth at the SPACE DAYS 2014 event.

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13 OCT 2014
Visit of ESA Redu facilities and demos at Eurospace Center


13 OCT 2014
Welcome address by the local authorities, and standing dinner at Eurospace Center


14 OCT 2014 
Round tables and workshops with international keynote speakers

Keynote speakers

Amnon Ginati
Professor Amnon Ginati joined OHB-System, Germany in 1990 where he was Director of Advanced Systems, Satellites & Probes. In October 2000 he joined the European Space Agency (...
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Gian Gherardo Calini
Galileo Supervisory Authority
Gian Gherardo Calini took up his post as Head of Market Development at the GSA in December 2006. Prior to joining the GSA, he held business management responsibilities in the...
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Carlo des Dorides
European GNSS Agency (GSA)
Carlo des Dorides was nominated the Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency in January 2011. Before taking office, Mr. des Dorides had key management responsibilities at...
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Roya Ayazi
Secretary General of NEREUS
Since 2009 Secretary General of NEREUS Roya Ayazi is the key interlocutor for the NEREUS (Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies) at EU-level and heads its Brussels/...
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Simon JUTZ
Copernicus Space Office
Simon Jutz was nominated Head of ESA’s Copernicus Space Office in April 2014, responsible for coordinating ESA’s Copernicus activities and liaising with the EC, national bodies,...
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European Space Agency
Javier Benedicto is the Galileo Project Manager of the European Space Agency.
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European Commission
Mauro FACCHINI is Italian and has an engineering background with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining the European Commission he has worked in Italy, UK and Switzerland...
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Galileo Project Manager, EC
Paul Flament is a Belgian Civil Engineer, specialised in Telecommunications. He has been working 11 years in the European Space Agency, for space missions control centres and...
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